Our Solar Panel Services

 SolarTech is locally owned and operated and is not an out-of-state franchise.

Residential Solar

Discover the perfect solar solution for your home! SolarTech offers a range of options to suit your needs. From sleek home roof mounts to convenient and efficient residential property ground mounts, we have you covered. Looking for something more discreet? Our experts can even install a solar system on your pergola or gazebo. Take the first step towards sustainable energy today!

Commercial Solar

Explore the power of SolarTech’s top-quality solar panel systems for commercial properties. Our expert installers will guide you in selecting the ideal solar solution, whether it’s a sleek solar roof mount, a reliable ground mount, or any other innovative solar structure. Harness the limitless energy of the sun and maximize the potential of your commercial property!

Agricultural Solar

Unlock the power of the sun for your farm or agricultural business! By adding a solar system to your property, you’ll reap a multitude of benefits, from generous grants to tax cuts. Discover why farms are the perfect canvas for solar panels, with abundant land and unused structures just waiting to harness renewable energy. Maximize your potential and go solar today!