Our Solar Services

 SolarTech is locally owned and operated and is not an out-of-state franchise.

Residential Solar

When adding a solar panel system to your residential property, there are several solutions to choose from. At SolarTech, we install home roof mounts and residential property ground mounts. We can even add a solar system to a pergola to be functional yet discrete. 

Commercial Solar

SolarTech installs high-quality solar panel systems on all commercial properties. Our team of skilled solar installers will help you find the perfect solar system for your commercial property between solar roof mounts, ground mounts, and other solar structures.

Agricultural Solar

If you are a farmer or own an agricultural business, there are many benefits to adding a solar system to your property, including grants and tax cuts. However, a massive contribution to why farms are a terrific solar site is the excess amount of land, barns, and other structural sites.