Agricultural Solar Systems

Serving the Des Moines, Iowa community with over 45 combined years of electrical and  roofing experience! 

Welcome To The Future of Agriculture

In the Midwest, agricultural solar power is a rapidly growing industry. The state of Iowa is a leader in this industry, with Des Moines at the forefront. Agricultural solar power provides many benefits to farmers, including…

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Greater efficiency
  • Environmental sustainability.

In addition, agricultural solar power can help to diversify a farm’s income stream and provide an additional source of revenue. Given the many advantages of agricultural solar power, it is no surprise that it is becoming an increasingly popular option for farmers in Iowa and across the Midwest. 

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 5 year no leak warranty on your roof handled by Des Moines Area Roofing!

The Best Way To Power Your Farm Starts With The Sun

Did you know that there are several grants, programs, and tax benefits for farmers to apply for when switching their farm to solar!

It’s More Than Sunshine!

Tax Credit

30 Year Manufacturing Warranty

30+ Year Lifespan

Zero $ Down

Savings From Day 1

Land Value Increase

3 Steps to Save

1. Evaluate: Our team of expert solar contractors will determine if agricultural solar is right for  your property.  

2. Install: We’ll handle the full solar panel installation process! From permitting, inspection, electrical work to the grid we’ve got the resources to do it all. 

3. Save: Congratulations on your new solar panel system! Enjoy the savings while  also saving the environment.