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Let SolarTech of Iowa design and install a renewable and clean energy system for your home, business, or agricultural property.

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RECEIVE a 30% tax credit through 2023

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About Us

About Us

SolarTech is one of the leading solar companies in Iowa. Our team of highly skilled solar energy contractors will make your new solar panel installation easier than ever. We install energy-efficient solar power systems on commercial buildings, residential homes, and even agricultural properties.

Helping the state of Iowa become more energy-efficient, one solar panel at a time!

Why Switch to Solar

Why Switch to Solar?

Discover the countless benefits of switching to solar panel systems:

  • Save money with increased cost efficiency
  • Embrace sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Harness the power of renewable energy
  • Achieve your independence from traditional energy sources

Federal Solar Tax Credit

Federal Solar Tax Credit

One of the most valuable benefits of switching to solar energy in Iowa is the tax benefits. If you installed a photovoltaic system (AKA a Solar Energy System) in 2020, the Federal Solar Tax Investment credit would cover 30% of the cost of your solar panel system in Iowa. This includes the entire system between equipment, labor, and permitting. Contact us for more information on tax credits and other benefits from installing solar panel systems in Iowa!


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Join us in the mission to reduce Iowa’s carbon footprint, one solar panel at a time!

Taking action to reduce our carbon footprint isn’t just important for us, but also for the future of our planet. By stepping up and making a difference, we can improve important areas such as:

  • Combating global climate change
  • Enhancing public health
  • Strengthening the global economy
  • Preserving biodiversity

Together, let’s create a sustainable and thriving future for Iowa and the world. Start making a positive impact today!

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